Craft Supplies

Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf

Description: Imitation gold and silver leaf in 100 sheet packs.

23ct Real Gold Leaf

Description: Pack of 5 sheets.

Gedeo Gilding Paste

Description: Preparation to glue the gold leaf.

Sizes: 75ml bottles

Gedeo Siligum

Description: Fast setting two-component silicone moulding paste.

Sizes: 300gm pack

Gedeo Latex

Description: Concentrated formula based on natural rubber.

Sizes: 250ml & 1litre containers

Gedeo Moulding Alginate

Description: A natural seaweed-based powder. Suitable for moulding complete volumes, soft or delicate objects, the human body.

Sizes: 500gm pack

Gedeo Plaster Strips

Description: Can be used to cover all types of objects.

Sizes: Box of 4 strips 8cm x 3cm

Gedeo Modelling Paste

Description: Wax based, infinitely reusable to model objects or figurines which you want to mould.

Sizes: 500gm block

Gedeo Light Plaster

Description: Low density plaster recommended for casting.

Sizes: 1kg packs

Gedeo Crystal Resin

Description: A two-component epoxy resin system. Crystal resin is a perfect imitation of glass paste.

Sizes: 300ml pack

Jovi Air Hardening Clay

Description: Comes in white and terracotta

Sizes: 1kg & 500gm blocks


Description: An oven hardening polymer clay.

Sizes: 50gm & 250gm blocks
Colours in range: 25



  • Demoulding vaseline and talcum powder
  • We stock a range of moulding tools
  • We also stock a good range of other craft supplies, contact us with your requirement

Sculpey Polymer Clay

Description: Sculpey polymer clay has been used extensively by model makers in the New Zealand movie industry in the production of award winning movies and is used worldwide by serious sculptors, artists and designers. Sculpey clays are equally at home in the world of craft and jewellery making. Non-toxic. Made in the USA


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