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Watercolour Paints

Winsor and Newton Artists Watercolour


A professional grade watercolour, high transparency, permanence and colour brilliance

Sizes: 5ml tubes
Colours in range: 89

Art Spectrum Artists Watercolour


Artist quality permanent watercolour

Sizes: 10ml tubes
Colours in range: 64

Sennelier Watercolour


Aquarell extra fine watercolour

Sizes: 10ml tubes
Colours in range: 80

Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolour


Economy grade watercolour

Sizes: 8ml and 21ml tubes
Colours in range: 40

Winsor and Newton Cotman Halfpans


Economy grade watercolour

Colours in range: 37

Sennelier Artist Half-Pans


Sennelier Artists' Watercolour Half Pans come in a range of 48 vivacious colours inspired by the original palette of the French Impressionists. Their honey-based formulation offers a smooth consistency as well as extraordinary brilliance, luminosity, and longevity.

Colours in range: 48

Van Gogh Half-Pans


Van Gogh water colours are a transparent paint with intense colours. All colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. Thanks to their purity you can easily mix and wash the colours to the finest of nuances. Lively colours are the result! A wide range of 72 colours is available, including Metallic and interference colours. There is also a wide selection of sets that are handy to take with you.

Colours in range: 72


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